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What is a person, if not his or her own unique thoughts?


Hello stranger (or friend!). Thank you for stopping by. I’ve been meaning to start my own blog for a while now, but never got around to doing it. Now I’m happy to see that it’s finally up and running.

I’ll be writing about different topics with each post, and in time (hopefully!) the entries will be less spaced out than what they are now. Hopefully you’ll find my writings engaging, and of help.

Thanks again for being here. Carry on!

Blog entries

The Habits Superpower

What would you do if you were to discover a superpower and had vision of the massive impact it would have in your life for a whole year, before you actually started to use it?

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In Progress

The following is an author’s post. I’ll be doing these from time to time, as every now and then I come across teachings from my readings that are so good I feel moved to share them.

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The Unseen & The Ungrateful

I’ve been reading a lot of Psychology articles lately, mainly because I want to go deeper in understanding certain behavioral patterns of people, as well as my own.

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The Chain Reaction

A Chain Reaction is defined as “a set of related events in which each event causes the next one, or a chemical reaction in which each change causes another.”

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