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The Chain Reaction

The backstory

Chain Reaction is defined as “a set of related events in which each event causes the next one, or a chemical reaction in which each change causes another.

This is what I hope to accomplish with this blog. You see, I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for some time now; for too long, I would say. Almost all writers say that the only thing you need in order to start is a pen and paper (in this case a keyboard and screen). Everything else will follow. So with that out of the way, let me tell you what this blog will be about. 

The core stuff

I’ve always lived a quite life. I’m not one to start trouble or “stir the pot” as they say, so it is understandable that I’ve been branded a shy, anti-social, “different” guy. We introverts often get (mistakenly) signaled out like that. The bigger issue with this is that people say it to you so much that there comes a time when you start believing that it’s true and that there’s actually something wrong with you. And that unlocks a whole new set of issues.

It wasn’t until recently that I started to dig deep, embarking on a “soul-searching” journey that has led me to understand why I am the way I am. Yes, at 38 years old, you could say that I’m a bit late to the party, but I would disagree. And If I can help the younger versions of myself roaming around the world through the things I have to say, then it will be totally worth it.

I care about many things, I just don’t always say it out loud. I know my likes and dislikes, I’m passionate about the little stuff that normally don’t get noticed by most people. I have a deep appreciation for life, nature, music, sports, building blocks, games, and being alone by yourself, thinking, existing, in silence. It’s not weird and there’s a reason for me being like this. It’s not a mistake, and I’m wired that way. I’m as capable and equally bright as everyone else, in my own unique self.

I’m also a peacemaker, and this has led to issues for me while setting boundaries. But in time, in getting to know myself, I’ve come to understand how necessary it is to face this personality trait, and it’s been getting easier to do it and draw a line were I know I need to, and don’t get offended or emotionally affected when people try to overstep that line and hurt me, even if not on purpose. I’m not going to lie, it still bothers me when people do it, but now I know better than to think that it’s because of me and not them. Now I have the emotional intelligence to brush it off and not let it take root inside of me.

Most people prefer an extrovert instead of an introvert. This is a fact. But I think the real issue is that we introverts can get lost fairly easy in a world that is not “built” around us. We definitely have our place in it, but we’ll have to find ourselves first in order to get to that place that we feel like we belong to. And then and only then we will be in a place where we can truly thrive.

For years I’ve fought with myself, struggling to understand this, and also trying to find true meaning in my life. A place where I can call “home”, where I can be successful and help others through it. I might actually become a counselor someday, but for now I’m excited and happy to have started building websites.

Wrapping up

This is my way of helping others share their visions, words, the things that they do and love, with the world. I’m taking the best of me, of what I am and love doing, and using it as a platform to help others. 

Maybe, just maybe, in doing this and connecting with others, I will unlock a chain reaction. And who knows how many introverts I will find along the way 🙂

Until the next block in the chain!

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