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Voice Team is an outsourcing company based in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Recently, they launched a new marketing campaign that included a brand new landing page, focused on converting leads into applications. This project used advanced forms and design aimed at their target audience, with the goal of adding to their brand, all in a responsive-focused environment.

Mega Gym


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Mega Gym is the premier after school activities club for kids in the city of Santiago. It offers a robust lineup of programs for children ages 3 to 14, such as Gymnastics, Swimming, Parkour, Karate, Soccer, among others. It also offers swimming classes for adults, and on weekends can be rented for birthday parties and other fun activities.




Godoctormom is a breakthrough home urgent care pediatric service started in 2018 by Dr. Paloma Bencosme. To date she’s seen over a thousand patients within the city of Santiago and other neighborhood cities such as La Vega and Moca, without all of the hassle that a hospital visit involves. 

Arline Fernández


Arline Fernandez is a wellness ambassador, corporate athlete and enthusiast, dedicated to helping you become the great person that you’re called to be. Her website is filled with tools, resources and programs created for everyone, from individuals to small and large corporations.

Liga Deportiva Colegial de Santiago


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LDCS is a sports league based in Santiago, Dominican Republic. It holds soccer, basketball, and volleyball tournaments during the school year for all the top schools within the city and some region-wide. It’s currently in its sixth year and looking into expanding to different sports in the near future.

Trade, Marketing & Logistics

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TML is a company based in Georgia, USA, that offers logistics, distribution, and merchandising services state-wide. It was established in 2016 and currently serves as the exclusive distributor of  Grace Kennedy Foods in the state of Georgia.

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