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Hi! I’m LJ. A perfectionist at heart. Firm believer that the ’80s were truly the best decade. I’m passionate about design, technology, and storytelling. I’ve always thought most internet websites could use a little facelift, but the subject of web design was a little intimidating to me, to say the least.

But in the last decade, companies such as WordPress have made it a little bit less challenging to get into it by providing us with the necessary tools to build just about anything you could think of. Now I’m fortunate enough to do this for a living, combining everything that I’ve learned about design from the past 20 years of my life and using some powerful tools to create beautiful and efficient websites.

But that’s not all. As an added bonus, I get to tell your story and help it reach your audience and the world. Because I know that at the end of the day, it is this same story that will create a connection with your current and future clients, and help drive your business forward.

The story so far

oneWAYup Designs was founded in 2018. But its roots go many years, even decades, back. I probably can pinpoint some of its beginnings to the year 1995, when the personal computer market was expanding. I remember my first time using Windows 95 and Netscape on my brand new Gateway 2000 desktop, and connecting to the internet through dial-up (check out this great article about Gateway and how they pioneered household access to these computers.)

Another key influential hobby was one much simpler but as deep as computers: the unique experience of “creating” stuff with Lego™ blocks, a form of design that is virtually limitless. And the correlation is not uncommon. Many of today’s most popular website builders use the “block” system, where each area of the website acts a a separate section and at the end they all come together on a beautiful, final design (just like Legos!)

Flash-forward to recent years, CMS companies such as WordPress have made it possible for us to execute our vision of what a web page should be,  and really there’s never been a more exciting time to leave your footprint in the digital world than today. After many, many hours of research and execution, oneWAYup Designs was born. I’m using my lifetime experience to go beyond your expectations.

A tale of two worlds.

Not everyone can develop a truly great website. One that is completely built from the ground up with a focus on design, optimizations, and security, features that most of the time are not given equal attention by developers.

There are countless statistics and articles that outline how important all of these areas are to a website, and such is the case that at oneWAYup Designs I chose to develop my own workflow system called  “The Triforce Initiative” (completely unrelated to a certain legendary item, in a certain legendary game.)

The Triforce Initiative consist of dividing every aspect of web design/development into three equal pieces (areas), with the purpose of all getting the same level of attention. These areas are: Design, Optimizations, and Security. Scroll down for more on each of them.

The Triforce Initiative


These days, web design is more than just pretty colors, pretty graphics, and an awesome font. A website needs to work as good on a mobile device as it does on a laptop or desktop, because more than 50% of the traffic to it will come from phones.


Every unnecessary second that a website spends loading  can make a huge difference for a visitor. I know the tweaks that are needed in order to get optimal speeds. This area also includes Search Engine Optimizations (SEO).


As with optimizations, there are also many tweaks that are required in order for a website to be mostly secure. From SSL certificates, to proper backups and CDNs. I place a strong focus on this one and don’t cut corners, because a hacked website is a nightmare the clients, and us as developers too.

Are you ready?

Web design tools are available for everyone to try. But not everyone is qualified to leverage the power of an untold story. I know I am. And I hope you see that when you get to meet me.

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